Humboldt Harbor Safety Committee


The Harbor Safety Committee of the Humboldt Bay Area is responsible for planning for the safe navigation and operation of tank ships, tank barges, and all other vessels within our jurisdiction.

Humboldt Bay Bar Webcam

News and Announcements


The 375 foot dredge STUYVESANT will arrive in Humboldt Bay around June 20 and begin dredging operations in the Bar and Entrance Channels.  Please use extreme caution when transiting the area near the dredge.  The dredge is restricted in its ability to maneuver so give them plenty of room to work.

Humboldt Alert Everbridge

The NEW Humboldt Alert system is here!  Humboldt Alert allows the Office of Emergency Services to contact thousands of residents in minutes, so you can find out about an emergency right away using methods you choose such as email , phone and text.  You may also add the street address of your dock or pier to receive notifications for these areas.


Safety Zone October 27, 2017 through March 31, 2018

This is NOT a full closure.  This gives the USCG the authority to close the Entrance if weather conditions exceed their rescue capabilities during this week.